The Road Map, From Idea to MONEY

Being an entrepreneur is the biggest blast there is. But only if it is in your DNA.

Though I believe anyone is capable of anything the fact remains, some folks are miserable because they either chose the wrong path or they allowed the wrong path to choose them. Setting out to chase your dream has its highs and lows, to put it gently. The highs can blow your mind and the lows can blow your year.

My main objective for publishing this blog, which will eventually be a book, is to answer the most asked questions, to throw water on the fire of fear, and shine a light on the many areas of mystery in starting your own gig. I have had the privilege of being contacted by hundreds of people from every walk of life; most of your questions fall into a range of categories:

  • Where do you start?

  • Should I make a prototype?

  • How do I make a prototype?

  • Do I need a patent and how?

  • I can’t do it alone, but who can I trust?

  • I don’t have any money

…I could go on with the list, but you get the gist.

I have definitely earned my stripes. And speaking of “HIGHS” and “LOWS”, I have to offer a warning to readers of future blogs…”It’s not all going to be “G” rated. If that’s even a thing anymore.

It would be a sin for me to keep all this wisdom to myself. It was freely given to me and I feel compelled to give back to the Universe. I want to paint word pictures and broadcast my experiences, good and bad, for all to see and talk about. I want to give a road map to others to turn their own idea into MONEY.

Hence, this blog: The Modus Rhoperandi.

“RHOP” is the “Rick Hopper Operating Procedure” and permeates everything I do. I want to share this fantastic method of entrepreneurship with the world so everyone can Rhop and Roll.

This could have never been possible in the world I grew up in. It was the 80s for crying out loud, where technology was pay-phones and beepers. LOL. As much as I love it when my phone dies and I can relax for a few minutes as I race to my charger, I really am catching on to the new way of doing business. But don’t mistake this embrace of technology as any kind of substitute for my OLD SCHOOL style.

Throughout these coming days I will expound on some of my best ideas and bitch about my worst failures. I can share what I’ve learned and what others have taught me. And best of all, I will cautiously share my techniques on how to “Break All the Rules”.

This is my way of paying it forward. I’m going to introduce you to my unorthodox beliefs and show you how to unlock your mind.

Of course, the blog wouldn’t be complete without talking about ReadeREST and how this handy clip has become a Shark Tank Phenomenon.

So, all you work-aholics and otherwise, tune in and learn how to be a fun-aholic and fall in love with weekdays again!


- Rick Hopper

July 21, 2015 by Bill Teter

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