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The 12 biggest Shark Tank success stories

by Bobby Paschall on December 13, 2016

If you can make it onto ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank,” you’ll have an audience of about 10 million people to show your product. It’s why even entrepreneurs who lose out on a deal often report a notable uptick in sales following their appearance on the show, which portrays negotiations between small-business owners and a panel of potential investors dubbed “Sharks.”

But for those who do get a deal, “Shark Tank” can change the trajectory of their business, turning a fledgling company into a national brand.

We asked Carolyn Baumgarten, a writer for Andrew Figgins‘ fan blog In the Shark Tank, to identify the show’s greatest success stories based on sales after their “Shark Tank” appearances.

The following entrepreneurs took a successful pitch and maximized the potential of the Shark they partnered with through focus and determination.

Rick Hopper dramatically fell in front of the judges in season three, which turned out to be a trick to demonstrate his product, a magnetic clip that secures your reading glasses in place somewhere on your person. Greiner, seeing how the product would be a huge hit with her QVC home shopping audience, made a bold deal. She would give Hopper $150,000 for a whopping 65% of the company, with the assurance that she was uniquely positioned to make him a millionaire.

Greiner’s prediction was right, and ReadeRest batches regularly sell out on QVC. Earlier this year Hopper said that the company has made $8 million in total sales since appearing on “Shark Tank.”


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