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The 15 biggest 'Shark Tank' success stories of all time

by Bobby Paschall on December 13, 2016

Entrepreneurs who make it onto a "Shark Tank" episode have the opportunity to introduce their company to a viewing audience of 7 million potential customers.

The companies that land a deal with one or more of the show's investors then have the chance to scale and, in some cases, become a nationally recognized brand.

We looked through old episodes and asked the Sharks themselves about their most successful deals. Read on to learn about the biggest "Shark Tank" success stories so far.


Rick Hopper essentially handed the reins of ReadeRest over to Greiner when he agreed to a $150,000 investment in exchange for 65% of the company in Season 3, but it turned his little one-man show into a huge success.

The product, a magnetic clip that holds eyeglasses in place on a shirt, regularly sells out on QVC. Readerest says it's made $13 million in revenue in the three years following the "Shark Tank" appearance.


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