He dove into ‘Shark Tank,’ emerged richer man

BREA – Rick Hopper had a simple idea: a magnetic clip attached to the shirt to keep reading glasses in place when not in use.

He knew it could be huge, if only he had more money and help to market and distribute it.

So he dove into the "Shark Tank."

And when he emerged five minutes later, he was on a course to become a millionaire.

Hopper is the inventor of ReadeREST ("Reader Rest"). In the six months since appearing on ABC-TV's investor reality show "Shark Tank," the product, which retails for $10 to $20, depending on the type, has raked in $1.4 million in sales.

"It is a simple idea," said Hopper, who manufactures the device in Brea, along with 14 employees. "The difference between a guy like me and 99.9 percent of other people who have an idea is one word – action."

Hopper, 46, who grew up in Anaheim, has been inventing and refining products since age 13: "When I was 15, I drove the manager of my pizza shop nuts because I was always refining things – where the pepperoni should go, whatever it was to make it more efficient."

Early in his professional life, Hopper worked as a window-and-door installer. Dissatisfied by the tools available for installation, he invented simple tools to make the process easier and started his own company.

The success of those inventions allowed him to leave his job as a supervisor at Home Depot. In 2010, he sold his share of his company and was searching for a new business when "the light bulb went on."

Hopper experimented with bending paper clips and screws, with different strength magnets and various glues until he refined a device to hold his reading glasses. One side of the magnet goes inside the shirt, the clip on the outside.

It held his glasses steady.

Even when he took a tumble near his Fullerton home on his electric skateboard, breaking his shoulder and wrist, his glasses stayed attached to his shirt.

In early 2011, he began manufacturing the device – spending hours gluing the devices to magnets and packaging them in plastic. He took the product to trade shows related to golf, jewelry, crafting, computers. The device works with regular glasses and sun glasses, too.

Within months, he'd sold 65,000 units. He couldn't keep up with production.


Friends told him he'd be perfect for a TV show he'd never seen, "Shark Tank." Entrepreneurs get five minutes to pitch a business idea to five big-name investors – the Sharks.

Hopper sent an email and, much to his surprise, a producer called a week later. A month later, the doors to the show's studio opened, cameras and lights pointed at his face. His heart raced as five powerhouse investors awaited his pitch.

Hopper dove in, taking a planned fall and rolling on the ground to show how the product held his glasses in place.

He'd done research on the investors and hoped to get an offer from Lori Greiner, dubbed the Queen of TV shopping channel QVC.

She tossed an offer: $150,000 for 65 percent of the company.

Not what Hopper was looking for.

One by one, the other Sharks bowed out.

Greiner demanded an answer.

Hopper looked to NBA owner Mark Cuban for a better offer. None came.

"It was quite possibly the most stressful few minutes of my life," Hopper said. "I had tunnel vision, I felt like ... my soul was collapsing inside of me. It was that intense."

Grenier upped the offer to say that she would handle distribution, that he could sit back and collect a check.

Hopper had promised himself he'd keep at least 51 percent ownership. But unwilling to walk away empty-handed, he said, "Yes."

The relationship has flourished. The ReadeREST (also called SpecSecure) has appeared several times on QVC.

The first time, $100,000 worth was sold in five minutes. He expects to bring in up to $6 million in sales by the end of 2012. For now, it's available in select retail stores and online at

Hopper will appear on "Shark Tank" again at 8 p.m. Friday to give an update.

But the married father of three – and grandfather of one – won't sit back and enjoy the profits. The success of the product has freed him up to focus on other ideas he plans to manufacture and market with the help of Greiner.

He is keeping them secret – for now.

"We all have the same joys, the same fears, the same problems," Hopper said. "My thought is that if I can solve a problem for myself, I can turn it into something that can help solve a problem for millions."

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December 13, 2016 by Bobby Paschall

ReadeRest Magnetic Eyewear Holder

Are you constantly misplacing your glasses?

The ReadeRest Magnetic Eyewear Holder claims to be the solution.

But does it work?

Watch the attached video to find out.
December 06, 2016 by Taylor Loyd

Breast Cancer Fund Raising Partnership Announcement

Dallas, Texas – October 1, 2015Shark Tank sensation ReadeREST! announced today a partnership with METAvivor to bring awareness to breast cancer, while also raising funds for breast cancer research, throughout the month of October.

ReadeREST! Founder Rick Hopper said, “Our goal is to raise $25,000 by donating 25% of all sales of our pink products during October to METAvivor’s efforts.”

METAvivor is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization which funds research, raises awareness, advocates for, and provides support to people with stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

A few key facts about invasive breast cancer:

  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer.
  • The chance that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about 1 in 36 (about 3%).

Hopper added, “Consumers interested in joining us in our efforts can purchase one of our exclusive pink products from and wear it proudly for the month of October. They will not only have a functional day to day accessory, but will be helping remind others about this terrible disease that affects so many women and their loved ones.”

ReadeREST! – founded by Rick Hopper and featured on ABC’s Shark Tank as Lori Greiner’s first deal – is the magnetic accessory for reading glasses, sunglasses, ear bud wires, badges and much more. If you’ve ever crossed paths with Rick, you know how much fun he has and how much he loves to share his energy and ideas with everyone around him.




October 01, 2015 by Eric Harter

The Road Map, From Idea to MONEY

The Road Map, From Idea to MONEY

Being an entrepreneur is the biggest blast there is. But only if it is in your DNA.

Though I believe anyone is capable of anything the fact remains, some folks are miserable because they either chose the wrong path or they allowed the wrong path to choose them. Setting out to chase your dream has its highs and lows, to put it gently. The highs can blow your mind and the lows can blow your year.

My main objective for publishing this blog, which will eventually be a book, is to answer the most asked questions, to throw water on the fire of fear, and shine a light on the many areas of mystery in starting your own gig. I have had the privilege of being contacted by hundreds of people from every walk of life; most of your questions fall into a range of categories:

  • Where do you start?

  • Should I make a prototype?

  • How do I make a prototype?

  • Do I need a patent and how?

  • I can’t do it alone, but who can I trust?

  • I don’t have any money

…I could go on with the list, but you get the gist.

I have definitely earned my stripes. And speaking of “HIGHS” and “LOWS”, I have to offer a warning to readers of future blogs…”It’s not all going to be “G” rated. If that’s even a thing anymore.

It would be a sin for me to keep all this wisdom to myself. It was freely given to me and I feel compelled to give back to the Universe. I want to paint word pictures and broadcast my experiences, good and bad, for all to see and talk about. I want to give a road map to others to turn their own idea into MONEY.

Hence, this blog: The Modus Rhoperandi.

“RHOP” is the “Rick Hopper Operating Procedure” and permeates everything I do. I want to share this fantastic method of entrepreneurship with the world so everyone can Rhop and Roll.

This could have never been possible in the world I grew up in. It was the 80s for crying out loud, where technology was pay-phones and beepers. LOL. As much as I love it when my phone dies and I can relax for a few minutes as I race to my charger, I really am catching on to the new way of doing business. But don’t mistake this embrace of technology as any kind of substitute for my OLD SCHOOL style.

Throughout these coming days I will expound on some of my best ideas and bitch about my worst failures. I can share what I’ve learned and what others have taught me. And best of all, I will cautiously share my techniques on how to “Break All the Rules”.

This is my way of paying it forward. I’m going to introduce you to my unorthodox beliefs and show you how to unlock your mind.

Of course, the blog wouldn’t be complete without talking about ReadeREST and how this handy clip has become a Shark Tank Phenomenon.

So, all you work-aholics and otherwise, tune in and learn how to be a fun-aholic and fall in love with weekdays again!


- Rick Hopper

July 21, 2015 by Bill Teter