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Welcome to the “Readerest Happiness Guarantee Department”

A private page provided for Amazon where we can serve you directly.

If you bought a Readerest product from Amazon and experience any problem whatsoever, or you just have a question…We want to hear from you.

We are standing by, willing and able to blow your mind with perfect customer service. email us at [email protected]

Frame too wide? Screws too loose?

People on Mars think we all look the same. But we have many different face shapes and not all glasses fit all faces. Let us help. If you don’t have a perfect fit with the glasses you selected, email us at [email protected]


Join the Family:

If you bought a pair of Readerest reading glasses, keep them safe when they’re not on your face. Grab a Magnetic Eyeglass Holder. And as a “Thank you” for trying our Reading Glasses, enjoy 25% off with code: AMAZING

If you bought a Magnetic Eyeglass Holder, you need to try our proprietary  Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. You won’t believe the clarity of our scratch resistant lenses that also protect your eyes from UV light. Use code: BLUE for 25% off your first pair!


Last but not least is the Readerest Lifetime Warranty:

Aka The “Happiness Guarantee” comes from the founder Rick Hopper, The Heart of Readerest.

We STAND BEHIND our products and we STAND WITH our customers. Our relationship with you always comes before making a profit.

If you are not satisfied for any reason…Seriously, ANY reason, email us at [email protected]


Keep it FUN!