Post Shark Tank Q&A with Rick Hopper from ReadeREST

Rick Hopper’s ReadeREST is one of the most successful products to date, consistently selling out of inventory on QVC while being championed by both Rick and Lori Greiner, who invested in the company during Season 3. With his episode about to air again this Friday, Rick stopped by recently and shared more...

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Rick Hopper comes from humble beginnings with memories of the smell of Bologna and mustard sandwiches in a paper lunch sack, the sound of that same paper bag swinging on the handlebars in the wind as he raced to school on the bike his parents bought for him for Christmas...

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Shark Tank Roundtable - Their Best and Worst Deals

June is startup month at Forbes and my focus is on ABC’s Shark Tank, which has been a TV phenomenon spanning three seasons, with eight different angel investors from a variety of industries. These angel investors, also called “sharks”, battle it out for a chance to invest in promising new...

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