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Magnetic Eyeglass Holders









                Magnetic Eyeglass Holders (28)

                Stainless Steel

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                Classic Black

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                Stainless Steel + Swarovski® Crystals

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                Stainless Steel + Swarovski® Pearls

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                Black + Swarovski® Crystals

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                White + Swarovski® Crystals

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                Black + Swarovski® Pearls

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                White + Swarovski® Pearls

                $ 11.99$ 15.99

                The Readerest magnetic eyeglass holder helps millions of people around the world keep their glasses safe and secure from being dropped, scratched, and misplaced. With over 3 million units sold worldwide it's no wonder it's the number one sold eyeglass holder and a top selling Shark Tank product! Our magnetic eyeglass holders come in a variety of styles for everyone and can be used for not only managing your reading glasses and sunglasses, but for ID badges and earbud wires too.

                Each clip on glasses holder is made with neodymium magnets and an ultra light-weight design for ultimate comfort. The patented design allows you to easily remove and place your glasses in the chevron shaped holder. Now you'll no longer risk having your readers fall off your head or from the neck line of your clothing. Therefore, a Readerest magnetic eyeglass holder will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime. We are proud to say this wearable glasses holder is made in the United States in our facility located in Bartonville, TX.


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