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Walking into Shark Tank can be a nerve wracking process, but that’s what Rick Hopper did in 2014. Back in 2010, however, Rick was struggling with his glasses. They always fell out of his shirt, his shirt pocket, or off his head.

As a man who always enjoyed developing new ways to be efficient (even claiming the best way to place pepperonis on pizza when he was young!) and inventing helpful products, he began to experiment. He tested various magnets and paper clips, bending them every which way and testing glues to bring the product together.

For extreme durability, he added screws and before he knew it, he had a homemade product attached to his shirt. It held his glasses exactly where they needed to be and people began to notice it, asking how he kept his glasses in such a way. By 2011, with his new design for a glasses holder, called Readerest, locals nearby Rick were scrambling to get their hands on it. He spent his time putting new ones together and hauling them to various trade shows where he knew people needed them: crafts, computers, golf, and more. People snatched them up immediately, amazed that they could truly keep their glasses attached to them, hands free! He could not keep up with production himself, painstakingly gluing together magnetic glasses holders for months.

Having the opportunity to present at Shark Tank was an offer of a lifetime for Rick, and he dove right in. Shark Tank products aren’t easy to come by, but Rick’s design had won over Lori Greiner almost instantly and she made him an offer. He knew he had a product that would answer the call all glasses-wearers were asking for, he just needed the extra help to get the product moving at the rate people demanded it. He had no choice but to accept the offer, and before long customers on QVC bought out his magnetic eyeglass holders in five minutes. Readerest was an instant success.

The eyeglass holders work by placing the magnet inside the shirt and connecting it with a small pin that attaches on the front. From there, just slide the arm of your glasses into the pin and they’re there to stay! You could do cartwheels and a backflip and they will still be safely attached to your shirt. No more worrying about them falling out of your pocket or the collar of your shirt, potentially scratching them or just irritating you. Lori Greiner has always said that she knows who is a zero or a heroPsychology Articles, and she called it right when she met Rick.

Readerest is a true top-dog for an eye glass holder, small enough to be not be noticeable when in use and sleek enough to be worn on its own when you wear your glasses. Rick is excited that this product has helped so many glasses wearers across the country, keeping the glasses of America safe and secure and always within reach.